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Equipped with sound knowledge of your business and industries, our tax specialists will assist you in meeting all relevant tax filing requirement. Our tax planning services will manage the tax affairs of your business within the current legal framework. We will help you enhance your compliance, improve cash flow and seek more tax preferences.

Our Services Include

  • Prepare and file tax returns for corporate and individual clients

  • Advise and assist in tax planning and compliance for corporate and individual clients

  • Represent clients in handling tax authority enquiries, investigations, field audits

  • Provide a feasibility of offshore profit claim 

  • Tax advice on restructuring of regional holding company for certificate of resident status

  • Tax advice for inter-compay pricing policies (e.g. CBCR, master file and local file)

  • Pre-initial public offering tax planning 

  • Provide due diligence review to buyers and vendors for merger & acquisition transactions

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