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  • Asia Television Limited (Stock code 707)

  • CA Cultural Technology Group Limited (Stock code 1566)

  • China New Energy Limited (stock code 1156)

  • China CBM Group Co. Limited (Stock code 8270)

  • China Heallth Group Inc (Stock code 8225)

  • Diwang Industrial Holdings Limited (Stock code 1950)

  • Hope Life International Holdings Limited (stock code 1683)

  • Huazhang Technology Holding Limited (Stock code 1673)

  • IBO Technology Company limited (Stock code 2708)

  • Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited (Stock code 1076)

  • Kiu Hung Int’l Holdings Limited (Stock code 381)

  • Wanguo International Mining Group Limited (Stock code 3939)

  • Zhejiang Rui Yuan Intelligent Control Tech. Co. Limited (Stock code 8249)

  • ViaGold Capital Limited (ASX: VIA)

  • Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (Stock code 860)

  • Zhong Ji Longevity Science Group Limited (Stock code 767)

  • China Haidian Holdings Limited (Stock code 256)

  •  Chong Kin Group Holdings Limited (Stock code 1609)

  • Chu Kong Petroleum & Natural Gas Steel Pipe Holdings Ltd (Stock code 1938)

  • Dongjiang Environmental Company limited (Stock code 895)

  • Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan High Tech Corporation Limited (Stock Code 8301)

  • State Energy Group Int’l Assets Holdings Limited (Stock code 918)

  • Sun Cheong Creative Development Holdings Limited (Stock Code 1781)

  • Uni-Bio Science Group Limited (Stock code 690)

Internal Control Review and Risk Management

  • Beautiful China Holdings Company Limited (Stock code 706)

  • Sino Oil & Gas Holdings Limited (Stock code 702)

  • Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan High Technology Corporation Limited (Stock Code 8301)

  • Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (Stock code 860)

  • China Longevity Group Company Limited (Stock code 1863)

  • Ares Asia Limited (Stock code 645)

Financial Due Dilligence Review

Initial Public Offer – Consultancy services

  • Future Bright Mining Holdings Limited (Stock code 2212) (Business: Marble mine)

  • Fit Boxx Holdings Limited (pending) (Business: Trading of beauty products)

Project Assurance

  • Designated project auditor of Hong Kong Arts Development Council

  • Designated project auditor of The Education University of Hong Kong

Our Clients

Current and Previous Listed Engagements

  • Chong Kin Group Holdings Ltd. (Stock code 1609)

    • Re acquisition of PRC logistic services company

  • Flying Financial Services Holdings Limited (Stock code 8030)

    • Re acquisition of securities broker

  • Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (Stock code 860)

    • Re acquisition of timepiece company

  • Zheng Li Holdings Limited (Stock code 8282)

    • Re acquisition of provision of maintenance and repair of passenger cars

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